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—  Not sure why you want to read about me, but I wrote it so go ahead I guess.

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J Walton was born with only one letter in his name. But he never let it hold him back.

I’m actually not a big fan of labels. To some people if you’re really good at one thing it means you can’t be good at something completely different. It’s maddening. All I’ve ever wanted to be is creative, and for years the only title I wanted is “artist.” To me it’s the highest compliment you can give a person.

When I was a little kid my father took me to see a friend of his who worked as an artist. The details are fuzzy now, but I remember an airbrush booth and a really cool poster of a Jeep he was creating. And I remember the decision I made that day: “I’m going to work in advertising!” I don’t know if my classmates ever became firemen or astronauts, but I got where I was heading just fine.

It’s not that there haven’t been obstacles, but the resistance to what I wanted to become made me stronger as I pushed through. “You can’t do 3d, you’re a retoucher.” “You’re just a colorist, what makes you think you can be a director?” “We have better creatives than you, stick to running your department.”

To the obstacles I faced and the people who (without malice) put them there I say “Thanks.”

I really believe that great work will win on its own merits, and that by insisting on doing great work you will find success. If it’s crap but the client approved it, you failed. Don’t make bad work, even if someone asks you to. Especially if someone asks you to.



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